Guardian Anywhere

September 14, 2009

We’re launching a little side-project today. It’s an app for Android phones that lets you read The Guardian, anywhere. We’ve imaginatively called it “Guardian Anywhere”.

Guardian Anywhere: article viewIt’s designed to meet a simple use case: you want the news on your phone to read on your commute into work. You can tell the app to download your newspaper whenever you like, perhaps early in the morning before you wake up. You can also tell it to only grab the news over Wi-fi; there’s a surprising amount of stuff in the Guardian each day, and we don’t want you running your battery down grabbing it all over 3G.

Once it’s downloaded, the content lives on your phone – perfect if you’re travelling on the tube or through some of the more radio-challenged parts of the countryside (like, coincidentally, the Brighton-to-London line). As well as news stories, you get a pile of photographic imagery which the Guardian publishes every day. We’ve also tried to retain a little bit of the Guardian look and feel throughout, though this isn’t an official Guardian product.

If you play with it a while, you’ll discover a few other nifty features tucked away, like:

  • Saving some of the fine photography to your phone as wallpapers;
  • Choosing which sections of the paper to subscribe to (or which to avoid);
  • Clipping articles or photos into a “Saved Articles” folder, to help you skim for interesting stuff and then peruse it at your leisure;
  • Browsing through articles by section, author or tag. This makes it easy to find, say, all the articles in todays paper relating to executive pay and bonuses; and if you’re really interested in a tag (or author), you can subscribe to it;

Guardian Anywhere is the brainchild of James Hugman, who kicked the project off during his gold card time and has been demonstrating it to us ever since at our fortnightly reviews. We’ve been testing and revising the app internally, and launched it onto the Android Marketplace after putting it in for the Android Developer Challenge.

All feedback is, as always, warmly welcome – please do try the app out and leave us some comments in the Market. The little 2D barcode you can see to the right of this paragraph is quite handy for getting hold of the app. Scan it with the barcode scanner on your Android phone to be taken to the right place in the Android Market, click the link if you’re reading this with an Android phone, or just search the Market for “Guardian”.

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