Who are we?

We are Future Platforms, a small but perfectly formed software company in the seaside town of Brighton, UK. We’re a team of 12 designers, developers, QA and management types, and we create and launch lovely software for mobile phones.

This site gives everyone at FP a place where we can talk about the way we work, the things we make, and the industry we live in.

Why is this site called “Glider Gun”?

Have you come across Conway’s Game of Life? It’s the earliest computer simulation of artificial life – Spore 0.1 if you like – and demonstrates how from simple rules, complex systems can emerge. One of the more interesting patterns that’s been discovered is the Glider Gun by Gosper, which periodicially emits Gliders – moving objects that fire off along a fixed path like this:

Gosper's Glider Gun

It’s playful, experimental, and iterative, and attracts interest from a range of disciplines;  at the same time, it’s a delightful little toy.

We think this is a lovely analogy for the work we do.

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